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We help companies adapt to the digital age by bringing innovation to the marketing sphere. They are leaders in turning nothing into something great!

SEO Services

What is SEO?
Search engine optimization, more often called SEO, is the process of optimizing a website to make it more visible on search engines. A core component of SEO is determining the most relevant, high traffic key phrases, and then strategically sprinkling them throughout the front and back end of your website. Search engine bots notice these keywords, which means your website appears when people search using the same keywords and phrases.
It sounds quite simple, but effective SEO involves much more than keyword research. Search engines also reward websites with seamless, intuitive user experiences. Is your site easy to navigate? Do you regularly upload quality content for your visitors? If improvements could be made to those areas, your SEO could improve too. It’s a holistic science that takes every facet of your website into account, and judges it accordingly.

Why Does SEO Matter?
SEO pushes your website higher up the ladder of search engine results pages (SERPs). When best SEO practices are followed, your website appears to potential clients on SERPs after they enter targeted keywords into a search engine, such as Google or Baidu. As your SEO improves, so does your ranking. Your target market is already looking for you, you just need to be easily found!
High SERP rankings put your business in the perfect position to attract new clients. When your site shows up in searches related to your products and services, potential customers will click on your site. The higher your ranking, the wider your audience. The chances of site visits resulting in conversions and sales is a game of numbers: With effective SEO, the odds get stacked in your favor by drastically boosting your site’s visibility.

SEO with Guaranteed Results
With us as your SEO agency, you’ll get more than promises: We guarantee more targeted traffic and long-term results. Performance is best measured by numbers, data and metrics - so that’s what you can expect. We want to make a real difference to your business with data-driven SEO practices that leave a lasting impact.
Are you tired of losing sales to higher-ranking competition? If you want to see your business on Google’s first page, SEO is the best way to get there. By implementing an SEO plan with us, you can look forward to up to 60% of your keywords featuring on Page 1 of Google within 12 months!
Does your site need more visitors? We guarantee to deliver up to 50% more site traffic within 12 months. Rather than seeking out clicks from any source, our strategies target your prime demographic. This means attracting qualified leads who will want to buy from you, with proven techniques and robust research.

SEO Services

Long-Term Gains Across A Broad Spectrum

Long-Term Gains Across A Broad Spectrum
SEO can target audiences both near and far. Local search engine optimization focuses on acquiring leads in a particular area, often using location-based keywords. Consider the statistics: Nearly a third of mobile searches are location-based. On top of this, a massive 50% of local searches lead mobile users to visit a store within just one day. With a dynamic campaign planned by the First Page team, you’ll see the impact local SEO can make.

For businesses who want to broaden their horizons overseas, international SEO opens the door to a whole new market. As an SEO company, we have a global reach and an unmatched ability to break barriers and unlock potential. Our diverse cultures and keen focus on training gives our Hong Kong SEO team the skills to get your website speaking your target market’s language through premium content and accurate translation services. For the Chinese market in particular, Baidu SEO gives you the right tools to crack your desired market from Hong Kong to Beijing.

By choosing the best SEO company, it can yield endless benefits for your business, regardless of your market size. Considering its central status to any digital marketing campaign, it’s important to get it right. With countless happy clients and a global presence, First Page can help take your eCommerce store, local business or brand from obscurity to the search engine spotlight.

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What Are Google Ads?

Google Ads are the leading form of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. How do they work? Basically, Google Ads is an umbrella-term referring to the different types of PPC advertising available through Google. This gives you a toolkit of methods to reach your audience through different mediums - from Search Ads, to Display Ads, Dynamic Remarketing, Google Shopping and more - Google Ads has a digital marketing solution to suit every business.

Much like with SEO, Google determines when your ads show up according to the keywords selected for your campaign. The difference is that you place a bid on each keyword - but you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Google Ads deliver compelling ROI - for example, with every dollar you spend on Search Ads, you get an average of two dollars back in return. That level of value is in a league of its own!

What Our Google Ads Campaigns Can Achieve for You

Google Ads are a lead-generation machine. Your ads show up for a specific group of keywords, so you only pay for clicks from visitors who are actively searching for you. These PPC strategies let you pinpoint your target market with precision to maximize conversions, sales and ROI all at once.
PPC with Google Ads provides unrivalled insight into your visitors and buyers in Hong Kong and around the world. This puts you in the perfect position to plan future promotions and marketing endeavors around real data. Essentially, Google Ads connect your business to people who want what you offer.

Do you feel like your competitors are stealing the spotlight? Competition heightens in the digital world, where small-to-medium enterprises are pit against large corporations for search engine real-estate. Google Ads give small businesses a boost by strategically placing their ads where searchers will notice them quickly.

This means Search Ads are swept to heights above the highest-ranking organic search results, and Shopping Ads even higher. These strategies let you enjoy the visibility of Google’s prime positions in only a short time, giving you a clear edge over the competition at the same time!

See Results in Under 24 Hours
A powerful perk of Google Ads is their incredible speed. Unlike organic listings, your Search Ads shoot directly to the top of Google’s results page. Visitors who bounce off your page will quickly find your products following them around the web with Dynamic Remarketing, and Display Ads showcasing the best of your services on their favourite websites. With no waiting times getting between your business and the benefits, Google Ads are the ideal way to get real results - fast.

What Are Google Ads?

Outcomes That Last In The Long-Term

A well-designed PPC campaign gets you more than just a short-lived traffic boost: It brings lasting results for your business. Your goals are taken into close consideration when formulating your campaign, so we can grasp what success looks like to you in the long-term.
We don’t “set and forget” here at Global Pro. With us, your campaign is under constant analysis, undergoing continual tweaks to improve its effectiveness. Google Ads record the metrics you want to see in real-time with Google Analytics, before being delivered to you in clear and concise reports.

Keep Control of your PPC Campaign
We know money matters. That’s why we provide extensive ROI conversion tracking to make sure you get real value from your Google Ads campaign. We’re constantly devising new ways to tempt customers into not just clicking, but converting. Considering Google Ads have a 50% higher conversion rate than organic search results, you can be confident that your campaign will deliver the returns your business needs to thrive.
Better yet, you get complete control over your budget. We maintain 100% transparency with absolutely no hidden fees, so you can have complete peace of mind.

Outcomes That Last In The Long-Term

Chinese SEO

Are you after leads, sales and traffic? We have the secret to get you there.
As one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world, capturing Chinese audiences is essential for any business looking to drive rapid expansion.
The good news? We know exactly how to get you there.
With 730 million users and counting, China is the largest online market in the world. In e-commerce around a decade ago, China accounted for less than 1 percent of worldwide transaction values. Today, it sits at over 40 percent.
Our in-house SEO team are experts when it comes to tapping into the Chinese market. Whether you're local or international, we're confident that we can get you results that last.

Become the star of your local market
Interested in supercharging your reach within your local market? We can help you get found.
Using more search phrases and location-based keywords than ever before, we've designed local SEO packages that can help your business dominate its competitors. As a part of your SEO service, we create a personalized Google Maps listing that'll ensure customers can find you.
Paired with powerful keywords and professional site optimization, we guarantee that your business will be pushed to the front page of search results. This will give you the edge you need to win over nearby competitors.

Pinpoint your target audience
Hong Kong is an international business hub where deals are struck in dozens of languages. It's vital to show your target market you care by communicating in a way that's meaningful to them. 75 percent of Internet users make important purchasing decisions easily when product descriptions are in their native language.
This is why we pride ourselves on our range of professional, multi-lingual team members who will help you craft a campaign in English, Mandarin or Cantonese. From the technical aspects to the copywriting, we tailor every single campaign to your exact requirements so that you can lock in leads and reel in the sales - all while building loyalty between you and your customers, so they'll keep coming back.

Time to rule the world
In China, Baidu's market share sits at 76 percent. For comparison, this is a larger share of the online search market than Google has in the United States. There's massive potential for growth in China, but only if you understand how to make it work for you.
Chinese SEO can be a challenge for foreign brands. From the way content is indexed to their preferred languages, China's most popular search engines take a very different approach to ranking than Google, Bing and Yahoo.
This is where we can help. Our team of SEO professionals are skilled in creating campaigns that fit the unique and ever-changing requirements of the Chinese market. We're dedicated to keeping up with the latest industry and market trends, ensuring that your brand will always be one step ahead of the competition.

Chinese SEO


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