Morocco Has ‘Much to Offer’ to Comoros, African Union

Rabat – Morocco has « much to offer  » to the Comoros and the African Union, said, Wednesday in Rabat, visiting Comorian minister of State, Justice, Islamic Affairs, Public Administrations and Human Rights, Fahmi Said Ibrahim.

« We are convinced that Morocco has much to offer to the Comoros and also to the African Union, » the Comorian official told the press after a meeting with Moroccan Interior minister, Mohamed Hassad.

« We look forward to this country’s return to the African Union because cooperation between our countries needs the Moroccan expertise and knowledge, » he said.

Said Ibrahim added that the Comorian government supports Morocco « in its legitimate struggle to recover its territorial unity », saying that « more than ever history shows that the Sahara is Moroccan. »

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