Estonia Residency and Passport Program Online Seminar Materials

Estonia Residency and Passport Program Online Seminar Materials
Estonia Entrepreneur Visa
Entrepreneur visa is an investment visa which
allows businessmen to invest and do business, come and live in Estonia.

Major Condition
Suitable for the businessmen who
have EUR 2,000.00 to invest per person.
Other conditions
Age limit- 18 years or above
No need to employ local people
Must be able to run a business in Estonia
No need non-criminal certificate
No health check required

Entrepreneur Visa Requirements - One
Investor is allowed an investment not less than EUR €2,000.00 in Estonia by way of share capital.
- First applicant needs to complete the assessment form + CV for initial assessment which is free of cost.
- Power of Attorney to be given by our lawyers to process company registration on your behalf.
- Then a professional business plan is drawn on your behalf.
-Thereafter a company is registered in the Name of our Lawyer (For the client to use at later stage), you than become a director and shareholder of the company.
-You will need to provide your personal documents to our lawyer in order to register the company, copy of passport, ID, birth certificate, and bank statements proving you have enough funds and CV.
-Once the company is registered an invitation to client is sent to be able to travel to Estonia and the client buys the Company officially in a notarial office (from us).

Entrepreneur Visa Requirements - Two
  • You than apply for a residency visa through our help.
  • We can submit without a company establishment, if so, the Temporary Residence permit is issued for 1 Year.
  • If the business is running and you can apply for an extension upon further documents submitted for extended purposes.
  • We can submit with a company establishment, if so, the Residence permit is issued for 5 Years.
This process would take between 1 Month.

Process Overview
Send application form for Assessment
Then order is to be made A business plan is prepared
Submit documents to government department
Register a company, grant 5 Years Visa
Without a company, grant 1 Year Visa
Open a bank Account in Estonia
Enjoy your stay in Estonia and prosper

*** To get further personal consultation, please fill up an initial assessment form and contact us by booking appointment form so that our consultant can send to you our "Estonia Residency and Passport Brochure", and arrange time and date for further discussions. Our consultants are Cantonese and English speakers.