The Most Enforced Rule Regarding the EU Passport?

08 Jul

As the EU has grown, so has the importance of passports. But not every member state is in the same league the country that has introduced the most rigorous measures to control the numbers coming into the European Union for Slovenian passport. A visa requirement is one of the most stringent rules; the EU has imposed to date. As a result, the Irish and other citizens of the European Economic Area are not able to get a Bulgarian visa.

However, Bulgaria's opposition to letting Irish citizens have an Irish passport has been undermined by another of the EU's criticisms,

which is requiring most of its citizens to obtain their citizenship through the direct route. Since so many Irish people have chosen to move to the UK, only Irish citizens can apply for a UK passport.

So, the only thing holding up the return of the Irish passport is the Greek government. Greece has pledged to allow the issue of an Irish passport in future but will insist that the UK issues it.

Cyprus has also threatened to take back control of the natural border between the two countries.

Cyprus has opposed Ireland's bid to reintroduce the Irish passport. Cyprus was once a member of the European Economic Area but withdrew in 2020 because it refused to grant residence permits to anyone who did not have a UK passport.

The issue of the Irish passport has also become controversial within the EU. Most nations have allowed their citizens to travel to the UK without a visa, but some countries have threatened to invoke the so-called Schengen accord to prevent this practice.

It will be interesting to see whether an Irish citizen of Welsh or Irish descent will gain entry to the UK using an Irish passport.

Under the agreement, all member states have agreed to open their borders to people from all EU Slovak passport and Switzerland, Norway, and Switzerland's four closest neighbours. Still, Zambia and Zimbabwe have threatened to leave if the rule introduces for their citizens.

the UK government allows each EU member state to specify the legal forms they will accept.

The most recent round of discussion about the Slovakia passport, those who advocate greater access for people to the UK is now making a case for Irish citizens to have the right to live and work in the UK as an 'Irish passport holder'. One of the chief arguments for this new initiative is that the Irish passport is an ID card for EU citizens. At present, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Iceland are not EU members, but those that have agreed to be part of the union are obliged to accept all EU laws. Without taking the rule, these countries would not allow the association.

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