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MAP - publié le Samedi 2 Avril à 14:04

Morocco Reiterates in Washington its Commitment to Strengthen Nuclear Security (Declaration)

Washington - Morocco reiterated on Friday in Washington, at the 4th Nuclear Security Summit, its "constant" commitment to contribute to international efforts aiming at strengthening nuclear security.
HRH Prince Moulay Rachid represents HM King Mohammed VI in the 4th Nuclear Security Summit, held in Washington on March 31-April 1.

Morocco's contribution in strengthening nuclear security's global system shows its permanent commitment to contribute to international efforts in this context and in accordance with the vision of HM King Mohammed VI, Morocco's Declaration to the summit said.

The document stresses that Morocco has taken several measures to implement the action plan of the first summit in Washington (2010), as part of the national strategy against terrorism, noting the importance of taking proactive and multidimensional approach.

The Kingdom also made efforts for the ratification of all conventions related to nuclear security, the Declaration recalled, adding that Morocco contributes effectively to the strengthening of the international system of nuclear security, on the basis of cooperation with regional and international partners.

The document said that Morocco and Spain organized in October, 2015 a Table Top and Field Exercise named "Gate to Africa" which pertained to a coordinated response of many organizations including security forces to a terrorist operation while transporting two packages carried on a vessel for medical application from Algeciras port to Tangier port.

The opening plenary, held under the theme "National Actions to Enhance Nuclear Security", was chaired by US President Barack Obama.

The Summit, which brings together fifty countries in the US federal capital, offers the opportunity to examine means and mechanisms to reinforce nuclear security all over the world.

The cycle of nuclear security summits was launched in April 2010 by President Obama. The first summit took place in Washington in 2010 while the second and third were held in Seoul and The Hague in 2012 and 2014 respectively.

Morocco, which is among the few Arab and African countries taking part in this international event, plays an important role in the process of nuclear security summits

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