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Mawazine 2016: Hip-hop Legend Wyclef to Perform on OLM Souissi Stage

Rabat - Hip-hop legend Jean Wyclef will perform at the OLM Souissi on Sunday May 22nd, 2016, as part of the Mawazine Festival-Rhythms of the World , the event's organizer Maroc Cultures Association announced on Thursday.
Essential actor of world hip-hop and long time activist, the Haitian artist embodies values of openness and multicultural consciousness defended by Mawazine since its creation, the association said in a press release.

Jean Wyclef sold more albums- with the Fugees, in solo, and with his creations for artists from the whole world- than anyone could ever dream of, the press release added.

Jean Wyclef's music he wrote and produced- simultaneously as solo superstar and as founder and leader of the Fugees- is, since two decades, a unique source of inspiration in the music world. Indeed this is the case since 1996, year during which the Fugees released album, The Score, today six times certified platinum.

Wyclef, endowed with extensive influences, going from jazz to rock, passing by classical and reggae, knew how to renew his style and remain at the top throughout his career as a solo artist and producer, whose work attracted an array of celebrities from the universes of pop, country, folk, disco, Latino, and electro.

In 2006, ten years after The Score, the single "Hips Don't Lie" recorded with Shakira, confirms Wyclef's place at the top. The blockbuster is ranked number one in over 20 countries, including the United States, crowning an almost unprecedented musical career in modern history.

After revolutionizing the sound of hip-hop in the 1990s, Jean Wyclef began his career as a producer for other renowned artists, from Whitney Houston to Cypress Hill, passing by Santana for whom he produced epic "Maria Maria," ranked number one upon its release.

Born in 2001, the Mawazine Festival Rhythms of the World is the essential rendezvous for music lovers in Morocco. With over 2 million festivalgoers for each past edition, it is ranked the second greatest cultural event in the world. 

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