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Gulf Countries Reaffirm their Principled Position on the Sahara Issue that They Consider a GCC Issue

Riyadh - The leaders of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries reaffirmed their principled position on the Moroccan Sahara issue that they consider also as an issue of the GCC countries.
In the joint final statement of the Morocco-GCC Summit, they affirmed their position supporting the fact that the Sahara is Moroccan and their support for Morocco's autonomy plan as the basis for any solution to this artificial regional dispute.

They also expressed their rejection of any prejudice to the higher interests of Morocco and their commitment to collective defense of the security and the stability of their countries, and respect for countries' sovereignty, territorial integrity and national constants.

They also expressed their rejection of any attempt aimed at undermining security and stability, and the dissemination of separatism to redraw the map of nations or splitting them, which threatens regional and international security and peace.

The summit stressed that the Kingdom of Morocco and the GCC countries constitute a strategic unified bloc, as what affects the security of any one of them affects the security of the others.

The joint statement noted that the GCC countries and the Kingdom of Morocco are a strategic united bloc.

In view of the serious developments and security threats in the Arab region, exacerbated by the lack of solutions to the Middle-East conflict and resolution of crises affecting Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen, the Summit emphasizes the importance of joint efforts to face these challenges with firmness and responsibility.

Reiterating their rejection of extremism and terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, GCC leaders and HM King Mohammed VI pointed out that this dangerous scourge should not be associated with a civilization or religion, calling to confront all attempts to spread sectarianism and confessionalism that fuel discord, with the intention to intervene in the internal affairs of States.

They also called for the coordination of regional and international efforts to fight against terrorism and annihilate its causes, noting the importance of support to these efforts by the Islamic military alliance to combat terrorism.

Their Majesties and Highnesses GCC leaders and His Majesty King Mohammed VI reaffirmed their faith in the common destiny and goals and their attachment to the values of active solidarity and sincere fraternity, which are the basis of exceptional historical relations linking the GCC countries and the Kingdom of Morocco.

The Morocco-Gulf Countries Summit was an opportunity for consultation and coordination of positions to face the challenges and threats in the Arab region and to exchange views on regional and international issues of common interest.

The leaders expressed their satisfaction with the continuous progress in the joint action for the realization of this strategic partnership on the basis of action plans with the aim of strengthening the human development process, facilitating trade and promoting investment, stressing the need to give boost this partnership and develop its institutional aspect.

The Summit was also an opportunity to examine opportunities to establish a more comprehensive cooperation between the GCC, the Kingdom of Morocco and sub-Saharan African countries in terms of strengthening security and stability.

The leaders stressed the importance of continuing consultation and coordination to strengthen the foundations of the existing partnership between the GCC countries and the Kingdom of Morocco to meet the aspirations of their people, serve the interests of the Arab and Islamic nations and achieve global peace and security.

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